World Organization of Students & Youth (WOSY) is an international youth body that strives to help humankind in its search for happiness and fulfillment. When all materialist philosophies have failed or proved to be falling short, a new direction towards a better life system has become all the more necessary. WOSY considering this need accelerates the process of search on the basis of unity of mankind. WOSY involves the students and youth in the evolution of a new world order - political, economic, social, technological etc. Therefore, WOSY envisages better international understanding, promotes peace and co-existence, strives to bring youth together for social justice and humanity and mobilizes their opinion against all sorts of discrimination for the cause of healthy environment and fights for just role of students & youth. WOSY is a non-profit, non-political body of the youth, which works through many associate and affiliate organizations of students and youth.

World Organization of Students and Youth, the first international student and youth body with India as headquarters, was launched in Delhi on 29th Oct. 1985, on the occasion of the international Youth Year, declared by United Nations.WOSY an attempt to bring youth on a platform to think and work against the ill effect of unhealthy happenings of the today’s world, when the entire human race is facing the challenges of consumerist materialism, dreaded incurable diseases like AIDS, monster of drug abuse, ethnic and fanatic terrorism, monopolistic economic hegemony of 'developed' nations and senseless exploitation of nature, a voice of sense and of welfare of the humankind is needed as never before. It is common knowledge that the relentless pursuit of pleasure and the highest degree of materialism have failed to make humankind happy. Man’s search for happiness and fulfillment has drawn him to the basic tenets of India’s ancient philosophy, which believes in the unity of mankind, and in fact, the unity of the whole universe. Youth across the globe needs a sense of direction, which will guide him away from force of destruction, towards the spiritual fountainheads of happiness and fulfillment.

WOSY has conducted a number of activities to promote the above objectives. Seminars and conferences have been organised in the past in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Shimla, Hyderebad, Pune etc. Social awareness program on electronic waste campaign was widely organized in IT city Bangalore. Capacity building programs for youth is organized on regular intervals in major chapters. Cultural programs like Deepavali Milan, Sankranti, Ugadi (New Year of India), New Year get-together, educational seminars etc have been held at many places. WOSY has represented in the international conference held in London, UK in Dec 2002, in the youth rally in Bali, in 2005, Indo China summit in China, 2011, international youth conference in Bali in 2013 etc.


The WOSY has been established to provide a forum for:
1) International understanding and co-operation with the approach of "World is a Family."
2) Propagating the United Nation's ideals of peace and co- existence.
3) Bringing students and youth of the world together for the promotion of social justice and humanity.
4) Helping the mobility of the students and youth to enable worldwide interaction of culture, information, knowledge and wisdom.
5) Generating students and youth opinion and organizing them for the fight against terrorism, religious fanaticism, apartheid, colonialism, racism, imperialism and oppression of any sort.
6) Propagating humanism and spiritualism which, combined with a scientific outlook may offer a viable philosophy of life for the world.

Organisation Structure

Sl No Responsibility Name Chapter
1 Chairperson Dr.Rashmi Singh Delhi
2 Secretary General Aniket Kale Pune
3 Vice President Mohammed Alsaiqali Hyderabad
4 Vice President Lucy Varanasi
5 Vice President Dr.RajneeshTyagi Agra
6 International Secretary SanjeevNingombam Bangalore
7 International Secretary Mahmudul Hassan Rhidoy Bangalore
8 International Secretary SyroosZaboli Mysore
9 International Secretary Ganesh Dhungana Kathmandu
10 International Secretary Zziwa Ismail Agra
11 International Secretary Hugues Victor Bangalore
12 International Secretary Shawn Hyderabad
13 International Secretary Alok Pandey Varanasi
14 International Secretary Sushant Dixit Pune
15 International Secretary JhanchuDorjee Pune
16 International Secretary VarshiAppa Pune
17 International Secretary Mumtaz Pune
18 All India In-Charge Nagaraj Reddy Bangalore
19 Advisory Council Member Sunil Ambekar Mumbai
20 Advisory Council Member K.N Raghunandan Bhopal
21 Advisory Council Member Deepak Adhikari Kathmandu
22 Advisory Council Member Laxman G Hyderebad


Inspiring and motivating the youth world over irrespective of race, religion, region, power blocks, language or sex to strive for achieving the ideal of brave and happy world by exploring newer horizons of humanism .


Creating a new world order having the approach of ‘World is one family' and with the firm belief in the unity of the entire universe for the happiness and fulfillment of the humankind.